Knowledge Transfer in Family Business Setting

One aspect that makes family businesses stronger is the knowledge they carry from generation to generation. However, as the business moves from one generation to another, often details of past projects—including mistakes made and lessons learned—are not captured and passed on to new recruits. Lessons and key innovations developed in one part of the firm are not effectively shared with others. This Masterclass is all about this transfer of tangible and intellectual property, expertise, learning and skills between the members of same family working in one organization. Knowing who knows what, who needs to know what, and how to transfer that knowledge is critical — especially when company’s worth lies in the information it contains. Investing in developing an effective way to transfer knowledge may, in the least, save the people some headaches and, at the most, save the business. Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is still a critical component to a business’s long-term success. This Masterclass will enlighten the participants to understand how to use and share the knowledge between the people in their family business. They will learn to design a systematic approach to finding, understanding and using knowledge to achieve their business objectives.

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