Digital Banking Course in Karachi Pakistan

Digital Banking is trending a lot all across the globe ,making it convenient for both banks and the customers to perform their account activities via bank app or online .Somehow, the banks of Pakistan are also using the concept of Digital Banking.... Read more »

Digital Marketing Course in Islamabad Pakistan

Flourish your business by attending the One-Day Digital Marketing Course organized by Max Strategy in collaboration with Mr. Rob Thurner happening in Islamabad, Pakistan on 22nd February this year.  The Digital Marketing Course course will help... Read more »

Development in Executive Education- Pakistan

Executive education refers to academic education, academic counseling or any other academic program at graduate level. It is mainly targeted towards business leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs worldwide. With its popularity growing worldwide,... Read more »

Role of Executive Education in Pakistan

I’ve seen it’s turning out to be progressively normal for jobs to require proficient certifications from desired/ existing employees. This comes when the quantity of college graduates swells and rivalry for restricted employment... Read more »

NGOs’ regulatory framework

How can a regulatory framework for NGOs be beneficial for Pakistan in the long run? In a country like Pakistan, where the government finds it challenging to deal with the many socio-economic problems faced by its populace, the role of NGOs in... Read more »

10 Ways Coaching Can Benefit Your Organization

Progressively, organizations understand the many advantages of creating ability through mentoring and coaching programs Progressively, organizations understand the many advantages of creating ability through mentoring and coaching programs. However,... Read more »

Strategic factors affecting employee performance

Improving employee performance a critical objective of any business, and is often ignored by HR departments Improving employee performance is the most critical objective of any business. But, this factor is often ignored by HR departments of many... Read more »

The Reason to Train in High Turnover Business

Employees who are capable and highly ambitious are constantly searching for new learning opportunities so that they can stay updated and sharpen the skills in their field. Lack of training and growth opportunities leads to frustration in such... Read more »

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