4 Digital Marketing Tips for Banks

The banking industry is under-performing. There’s an advanced digital marketing gap between what financial institutes know they ought to do and what they are really doing. Here are 10 thoughts, tips, tricks and techniquess that banks and credit unions can use to close the gap.

Your website is fundamentally a digital branch. It is curcial that you maximize the use of this channel to deliver 24/7 customer services around the year. Whether you love your current website or not, there are always opportunities to improve it. Focus on the things customers need the most — e.g., help with online banking, finding your routing number, accessing current rates, finding a nearby branch or ATM, or asking a general question. Here are four ideas you can implement to effectively assist users of your site:


  1. Create or update FAQs. Many common questions that your members or customers ask can be addressed through a robust FAQ page (or similar section on your site). If your company lacks this section, you should immediately consider adding it. If you have this section available on your website you must consider revising the content and making it more customer centric.
  2. Provide a simple contact form. It’s amazing how many financial institutions don’t do this. It provides easy way for visitors to contact you, ensuring your service team receives inquiries in a timely and structured manner.
  3. Invest in online chat. Today’s digital consumer expects online chat. They’ve learned it can help them get their questions answered quickly and efficiently.
  4. Present integrated service options. Like many institutions, you have likely added self-service options over time. However, from a visitor perspective, it is important to present all service options together to give the visitor choices — a true “omnichannel buffet”.
  5. Google Tag Manager. Adding custom analytics code to your site can be a cumbersome effort involving web developers, and adding too much tracking code can slow down your site’s performance. Instead, creating a Google Tag Manager account and linking it to your existing site analytics account is a must.

Remember that above all, your job as a digital marketer this year is to deliver information to audiences and invest your institution’s money in things that will keep audiences engaged, happy and loyal. Invest your resources in customer service, advanced analytics, mobile marketing, conversion rates and integrated marketing to increase ROI. Focusing on the fundamentals of digital marketing, rather than checking the box on the latest online craze, will help drive results for your bank or credit union over the next 12 months.

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