About Us

“Developing Better Brains for Better Business”

Max Strategy is a boutique management consulting and professional education firm that serves leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profits. We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals.

MAX is a twofold initiative: ensuring provision of high quality executive education and professional trainings and workshops, with the sole objective of building capacity of public and private sectors, and provision of business management and strategic advisory services to development, private and public sector organizations, and management, strategic, and operational support to startups and young businesses to foster entrepreneurship. Max Strategy is a blend of industry experience and academia – a product of years of excellence, knowledge and experience of its individual elements within industry, research, education and training.

We have a team of consultants, faculty and professionals – both, local as well as international – forming the optimal mix of understanding and experience, we stand ready to equip any organization and its staff with the right tools and skills to achieve the individuals’ personal and the organizations’ broader objectives.