Automated Flight Deck Management

Since start of powered flight by Wright brothers in 1903 as well as with first fatality in 1908 of West-point Graduate Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge with Orville Wright, Aviation has evolved to a great degree through trial and error. Not the most efficient method but it worked! However in contemporary times, need of the hour is cognitive comprehension of complex subjects like Airmanship, Aeronautical Decision Making, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and all subjects critical to aviation. The ‘machine’ has evolved to a greater degree than the ‘monkeys cousin’ (The Pilot) behind the yoke/stick! Ratio of occurrences taking place are increasingly due Human Factor than the equipment. After detailed analysis of the two Boeing 737 Max (Lion Air & Ethiopian airlines), the pilot once again has been presumably found lacking not in flying the jet but comprehending the system anomaly at hand which directly relates to a ‘more-art-than-science’ subject of Automation Airmanship. Having adequate understanding of the ‘Automated Flight Deck Principles’ will not only help avoid another similar disaster but enable pilots to one step closer to becoming an Aviators hence taking to the skies more efficiently effectively, safely and with improved risk management. No matter which manufacturer Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, Dassault etc, aviation is seen becoming increasingly more automation-dependant. Moreover, in all domains the Human has to make concerted efforts to stay at par with technological advancements.

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